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For Women

90% of women need scenario creation and a greater variety of sensual cues to get turned on.

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For Couples

Listen together with your partner to get fired up. Some of our stories were specifically recorded with couples in mind!

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For any Taste

Romantic and gentle or wild and dirty? Straight, bi-sexual or queer stories with diverse themes.

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To Unwind or Climax

You pick the story that suits your mood, tailored to your desires, your lust, your climax.

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Premium Quality

Our professional voice actors with their sexy accents will spark your imagination.

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Elegant Design

We want to make sure women feel comfortable while browsing our stories.

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Meredith, 25

New York City, USA

Audiodesires made me feel turned on in a real way, that I had never experience with traditional porn.

testimonial customer picture
Emma, 33

Los Angeles, USA

Wow! I'm not usually into porn, since I feel it tends to show women in a negative light, and it's usually so derogatory! But these stories are just amazing! I never feel belittled or uncomfortable, it's pure sensuality!

testimonial customer picture
Ava, 29

London, UK

The narrators have such dreamy voices! I love hearing them get really into it. It's amazing! I can't get enough.

Any Questions?

Is Audiodesires just for women?

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Most erotic content is created for and by men. We create sensual audio stories with women’s needs and desires in mind. But AD tells all kinds of stories that can be enjoyed by all sorts of people. AD is great for anyone looking to spark their imagination and try something new in the bedroom (or anywhere else for that matter!).

Can couples listen together?

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Yes! Audiodesires can help partners explore new ways of intimacy, foreplay and sex. Our audio stories are hands-free, which means you can look at and focus on each other in a way visual content doesn’t allow. A lot of our stories were written and created with couples in mind. Some of the narrators will address you directly as a couple, giving you new impulses to add to your sex life. Follow the narrator’s instructions as if you had a third person guiding you. In addition, we heard from a lot of people listening to our stories by themselves that Audiodesires helped them in their relationships. Listening is a great way to explore what you’re interested in, learn tips and tricks, and share with your partner.

What are your stories like? What can I expect?

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We produce 10 – 20-minute erotic audio stories. We put a lot of emphasis on making them body positive, diverse, equal, imaginative, relatable and feminist. Our stories are high-quality productions, designed to be immersive and narrated by professional, passionate voice actors. Like erotic fantasies whispered into your ear. In addition, we spoke to more than 3,000 women about female sexuality. We talked to you about your most intimate fantasies and desires and made it our mission to bring them to life. You’ll find the perfect story that suits your desire and the intensity that you are looking for. Auiodesire stories range from sensual to highly explicit. We do our best to label everything as clearly as possible (1 peach = flirtatious, 2 flames = passionate sex, 3 flames = hot and kinky). That way you know what you’re getting into before you start your listening session. You can filter and browse simply and safely according to your most intimate preferences: tailored to your lust, your desires, your climax.

Why is Audiodesires focused on audio?

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Audio erotica is a highly accessible form of sensual stimulation and for many women, in particular, a more enjoyable form than visual porn and a more practical one than written erotica. As a listener you can either become the participant or the voyeur, and can use your imagination to fill in the blanks exactly how you want to.

Is Audiodesires an app or a podcast?

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We are neither. We might look into building an app for iOS and Android in the foreseeable future. We do distribute samples of our audio stories as a podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify and wherever you may get your podcasts. But Auiodesires’ heart and soul lives on our website. It allows you to access our stories from any mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. Giving you a completely uninterrupted and ad-free listening experience! Our mission is to make our stories accessible to as many users as possible and we feel a website is the best way to go.

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