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Relatable erotic audio stories with immersive ASMR sound effects. Listen by yourself or with a partner!

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Hot erotic audio stories that allow you to escape into a world entirely your own.

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Guides and affirmations created by educators to help you explore your sexuality.

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Immersive Audio Stories

Using immersive ASMR sound effects, our erotic audio stories can help you escape into new, exciting worlds.

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Informative & Inspiring Guides

Sex and masturbation guides created alongside sex educators for a holistic mind and body approach to sexual pleasure.

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Community-based Platform

Discover new erotic audio artists in our community section. Your feedback (reviews and ratings) shape future episodes.

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Your Fantasies, Your Climax

Something for every mood and experience level, from beginner to expert - enjoy alone or together with a partner.

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Inclusive & Open

Stories that are kink-positive, LGBTQ+ friendly and portray people and couples of all cultural backgrounds.

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Empowering & Shame-free

Indulge in erotic experiences that leave you feeling empowered, shame-free and satisifed..

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Our sexiest LGBTQ+ stories to indulge in solo or with a partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Audiodesires?

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Audiodesires is a safe space to explore your deepest desires through immersive erotic audio content. Our goal is to create a more realistic representation of pleasure through our stories, empowering every individual to live their best sex life. We do this through 10-30 minute erotic audio stories (both contemporary and fantastical) and through our pleasure guides that are created alongside sex educators to promote communication, consent, and self discovery.

Do you have an app?

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Audiodesires is currently a web app that has been intentionally designed to function on any device and browser, mobile, desktop, or tablet. We are currently in the process of developing an app for iOS and Android and keep our community updated regularly on new developments. In addition to our online platform, you can also find our stories on Spotify and Apple Podcast!

Who are the episodes for?

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We create erotic audio episodes for everyone, with realistic emphasis on female pleasure and intimate moments between couples. Some narrators address you directly as a listener, guiding you through an exciting and intimate evening. Other times, you will be a voyeur in a erotic storyline with passionate characters. In addition, we have stories that feature fan-favorite characters that the community has voted to hear more of through our feedback system.

What are the episodes like?

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We produce erotic audio stories that can be anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes. These erotic stories include well-written, diverse content that is then professionally produced into audio sex stories. We add in immersive ASMR sound effects to bring the fantasy to life. The episodes range from guided sex and masturbation tracks to steamy hookup stories and more. First and foremost, we are a body-positive, diverse, relatable audio porn site. We believe in empowering people through creative and sensual erotic storytelling. Each story is recorded by passionate voice actors (with a variety of different accents) who believe in our vision as much as we do.

Can I listen for free?

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Audiodesires is free to join! As a free member, you get access to a selection of free stories each month. If you like what you hear, you can sign up for a premium membership for just $7.99 per month. If you really love our platform, you can opt for the discounted annual membership at $59.88/year. We currently accept PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay as methods of payment.

How can I find what I'm in the mood for?

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Our filter system is effortless and our platform is discrete and very user-friendly. Thanks to our spiciness rating system, you can find what you’re in the mood for instantly: 🍑 means the story is romantic and sweet, 🍑🍑 is more passionate and exciting, and 🍑🍑🍑 means the story is hot & kinky. In addition to this rating system, we tag our stories with individual sex acts so you know what you're getting into before you press play. We also label which narrators are involved in each story. You can follow your favorite voice actor or browse by what you’re in the mood for - it’s really that simple!

What languages do you offer?

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As a diverse audio porn platform, we pride ourselves on offering erotic audio in different languages. Currently, we have steamy audio sex stories in English, Spanish, and German. Signing up for an Audiodesires membership gains you access to all our stories, in all available languages (with more coming soon!)

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