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Continuing with our Guided Masturbation series, Susan takes you on a sensual journey of self-exploration and mind games in this audio story. This episode will help you focus on your fantasies and your imagination to help you explore and express your deepest desires. A calm environment and an open mind will lead you to new pleasures with this sexy self care session.

Hi, my name is Susan. Today I’m going to guide you in an erotic meditation focused on visualizing and expanding on your personal fantasies. All of us fantasize to some degree about sex and pleasure. We do this to aid masturbation...to increase pleasure between partners...and to satisfy our sexual desires and needs. We can bring ourselves pleasure when we imagine that someone we find attractive is touching us in a particular place. Or when we think about being dominated or dominating someone. Everyone has their own specific things they find sexy. This might sound a little silly, but like anything else, we must practice at fantasizing to become good at it. It’s a form of creative thinking that relies on our imagination and a strong understanding of our minds and bodies. Today, we’re going to focus on getting as much pleasure as possible out of our fantasies. We’re going to use creative thinking to take our fantasies, and our pleasure, to the next level. Our minds and our bodies are very closely linked together. Sometimes, a sexy thought can cause you to become aroused. Other times, looking at an erotic image can make you feel physical pleasure. If we dedicate time and effort to harnessing our creative mind, we can create extremely pleasurable physical sensations.

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