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Audio erotica is an immersive form of sensual stimulation less intrusive than visual porn.

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What kind of audio can I expect on Audiodesires?

This platform was created for women and couples who want to explore their sexual desires without the limitations of mainstream porn. Audio porn can get you into the mood, but audio sex stories allow you to fully immerse yourself in your own imagination while you listen to professionally produced sex audio stories. In our archives, there are countless fetishes and fantasies to choose from: lesbian audio stories, bondage stories, stories that allow you to explore bisexuality, cunnilingus, voyeurism, and more.

Meredith, 25

New York City, USA

Audiodesires made me feel turned on in a real way, that I had never experience with traditional porn.

Emma, 33

Los Angeles, USA

Wow! I'm not usually into porn, since I feel it tends to show women in a negative light, and it's usually so derogatory! But these stories are just amazing! I never feel belittled or uncomfortable, it's pure sensuality!

Ava, 29

London, UK

The narrators have such dreamy voices! I love hearing them get really into it. It's amazing! I can't get enough.

Who are these audio stories made for?

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On Audiodesires, we produce stories that are suitable for everyone. Exploring your sexuality is a unique journey that often starts with exploring different types of porn, and we like to make this as accessible and natural as possible.

Our stories are written and narrated by professionals who understand what people want to hear and bring it to life in the most natural and sensual way possible. Audio sex stories can be tailored for relaxation purposes (with a sensual, steamy story) or for highly erotic purposes (with more vibrant and exciting stories), allowing you to create the perfect mood for self-exploration.

Can I listen to audio sex stories with my partner?

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Visual porn can be crude, confrontational, and unrealistic - and this can cause tension within your relationship. With sex audio stories, you and your partner can listen to sexy audio stories together, each creating your own version of the story and sharing in the pleasure that it brings.

Audio erotica is the best alternative if you’re looking for something to share with your partner that doesn’t create unwanted feelings of insecurity, fear, or judgment.

How is Audiodesires different from other audio sex platforms?

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On Audiodesires, we strive to be an all-encompassing beacon of sexual health and wellness. Listening to steamy audio erotica isn’t just about getting off, it’s about experiencing sexual satisfaction and exploring your deepest desires.

Listening to sexy audio stories on Audiodesires is easy with our user-friendly filter system that allows you to search based on how “spicy” the stories are, what kind of voices the stories have (even down to the kind of accent the storyteller has) and what kinks/fetishes the story explores.

All of this is brought to you on a platform that was designed to be inclusive, friendly, and discrete, so you can listen anywhere, at any time.

Is the LGQBT community also included?

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The audio sex stories you will find in our archives are created to be 100% inclusive. There are stories that feature bisexuality, same-sex partners, multiple-partners and so much more. Through these descriptive audio stories, you can explore your sexuality at your own pace - there is even an option to “favorite” your favorite audio sex stories so you can find them easily later!

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Introducing sex audio is fun and intimate.

Each one of our stories has been produced and narrated by individuals who want to make you feel good. With various sex audios sex tailored to suit a plethora of different fantasies for men, women, and couples, you can explore your sexuality in whatever way you choose from the comfort of your own home. Join Audiodesires for free today and get instant access to 3 free stories, or you can sign up for a premium membership, which will grant you full access to all of our stories with new ones being added each week.


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