Top 10 Audio Sex Stories You Absolutely Need to Listen to in 2021

Relax, listen, climax - it’s that easy.

Audio Sex by Audiodesires

Audio sex allows you to create and explore a world entirely your own through the narration of audio sex. Instead of watching someone else experience pleasure, you (and your partner) can enjoy moderately spicy and always sexy stories that are crafted to give you the ultimate erotic experience.

Audiodesires offers various types of audio, from soft and sensual to bondage and fetishes. All of our stories are made for women and couples to explore together or separately. Our professional narrators take you on a pleasurable journey through a story of your choosing. We even incorporate real sounding sexual cues like moaning, heavy breathing and kissing. You can explore all kinds of new kinks, sexual adventures and each other in ways that you’ve never experienced before.

Below are the top 10 audio sex stories you will find on Audiodesires this year. These rankings are created based on ratings they’ve been given by listeners just like you.

Femdom Audio Sex:10. Taking Charge

Narrator: Robert

This intense Audio Sex allows you to express yourself in a new way while exploring soft bondage with your lover. You have given your partner instructions to wait for you naked and blindfolded when you get home from work, and he obeys. Narrated by an erotic British accent, you get to hear everything that’s going through your submissive’s head while you take control of him for one whole night. This 9 minute Audio Sex is perfect for a couple’s first adventure into submission and bondage.

Listen to Taking Charge now.

Stranger Audio Sex:9. Neighbourly Desires

Narrator: Nathan

To heal after a breakup, you decide to go on a whirlwind trip to Italy. You’re wandering around the streets of Rome, marveling at the beauty of the city when you see a small little restaurant and decide to get something to eat. A waiter guides you to your seat and you immediately get lost in his smile. He has warm, brown eyes and a strong jawline, and you need him in a way you haven’t felt in a long time. This 20 minute sizzling Audio Sex is the perfect fantasy to get lost in when you have the time for some sexy self care.

Listen to Neighbourly Desires now.

Voyerism Audio Porn:8. The Basement Encounter

Narrator: Alice

You and your neighbor have been playing this peep-show game for weeks. You love teasing him through your window, and tonight you’re going to take things to the next level. You wander into your bedroom and glance at his window, your heart sinking momentarily when you see only darkness. Then, a light flips on, and a smile flashes across your face. It’s time for the show to begin. This fun and playful 21 minute Audio Sex is every voyeur’s dream.

Listen to The Basement Encounter now.

Lesbian Audio Sex:7. The Lecturer II

Narrator: Veronica

Your first appointment with your sexy Lecturer proved to be equally pleasurable for you both, with flirting and foreplay that gave you a taste of what’s to come. After your first same-sex encounter, you’re hooked on her. Part II of this story has you bringing your sexy Lecturer a naughty little gift after class to thank her for your last meeting. This 9-minute lesbian Audio Sex is everyone’s naughtiest teacher-student fantasy come true.

Listen to The Lecturer II now.

Public Audio Sex:6. Up On the Mountain

Narrator: Daniel

You and your lover decide to go on a romantic hike. The rough terrain has been a bit of a challenge, but the incredible view from the mountaintop takes your breath away. You’re both exhausted, but the view and the mood sweeps you away and you get lost in each other, finally living out that outdoor sex fantasy you’ve both always wanted. This 22-minute Audio Sex is perfect for couples who want to share an outdoor erotic fantasy.

Listen to Up On the Mountain now.

Anal Audio Sex:5. New Horizons

Narrator: Elle

You’re on a date with a guy you really like, and it’s going well. He invites you over for dinner and you’re excited to see his apartment and where you may eventually spend the night together. He is fetching you a glass of wine and you wander around the apartment, looking at various parts of his life on display. You come across a bookshelf and examine all the books and photos there. You mindlessly pull open a drawer that’s ajar and take a peek inside. It’s a drawer full of sex toys. One of them is a butt plug. In this 10 minute Audio Sex, you and your new lover explore the fun world of anal play together after you realize he’s as kinky as you hoped he’d be.

Listen to New Horizons now.

Stranger Audio Sex:4. Steamy II

Narrator: Nathan

This wet and wild follow-up to “Hot Sauna” has you at the gym with that same sexy stranger - and you’re not done having fun, yet. You suggest the two of you take a shower after getting so hot and sweaty in the sauna. The thrill of someone catching you at any moment is almost as powerful as the way he claims you as his own. This 13-minute thrill ride is the perfect foreplay for shower sex with your partner.

Listen to Steamy II now.

Professor-Student Audio Sex:3. The New Professor II

Narrator: Nathan

After your first voyage into bondage and submission is interrupted, part two of this “naughty professor” story has you visiting him in his office after being interrupted the last time you went to see him. Told entirely from the professor’s point of view, you get a little peek into all of his dirty thoughts about you as you tease him and please him in his office. This 24-minute sizzler story is perfect for explosive orgasms with a slow build.

Listen to The New Professor II now.

Public Audio Sex:2. The Yoga Instructor II

Narrator: Robert

Part I of this yoga-centric audio sex series has you noticing just how sexy your new yoga instructor is - and allowing him to give you something of a private lesson. Part II has you coming back for more, teasing your sexy new yoga instructor in nothing but a red sports bra, tiny red shorts, and nothing underneath. “How are you,” he asks, and you respond, “I’ve been incredibly tense all week...I was hoping you could work me harder this time.” You know full well how

Listen to The Yoga Instructor II now.

Public Audio Sex1. Secretly Camping

Narrator: Robert

Deep in a national park, you and your partner can’t seem to keep your hands off each other. Your friends decide to go on a hike to gather wood for the fire. Now’s your chance. Your lover opens their mouth to speak but your fingers quickly press against his lips - there’s not a lot of time, and you don’t want to waste it talking. This 9-minute story is perfect for a sensual quickie between familiar lovers.

Listen to Secretly Camping now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Erotic Audio Stories

Who can enjoy our audio sex stories?

Both women and their partners can benefit from these audio sex stories. Our stories can help to enhance your imagination and draw focus to your (and/or your partner’s) most sensitive areas. A sensual voice leads you into a whole new world of intense pleasures, allowing the mind, and not the screen, to create all your favorite little details of a scene.

For those with a sensual imagination, short audio stories are a perfect complement to your collection of erotic toys. They are also particularly great for turning up the heat in long term relationships. And for all the people that have visual impairments – just listen, imagine and feel the pleasure.

What’s the story behind Audiodesires?

What moved us to produce audio sex stories? We saw a need for a more sensual erotica, compared to traditional porn videos, without preconceptions of body form, gender, cultural background, or physical appearance.

We built Audiodesires and brought together a professional team with highly motivated speakers who can provide different voices, sounds, and even different accents to help you experience the best audio sex stories on the net.

Do the audio sex stories on Audiodesires cater to niche interests?

You might wonder if your sexual taste is represented in the range of audio sex stories that we offer. Trust us when we say that we are committed to satisfying all desires. Forbidden affair fantasies, lesbian and bisexual erotica, threesome or stranger sex stories...whatever the fantasy, we aim to have stories that fulfill those desires.

What are the benefits of audio sex stories?

Got a date in the evening? Congratulations! To get in the right mood start listening to one of our steamy audio sex stories. With our mobile-friendly website, you can even listen in the car on the way. The advantage of audio is that you can listen from everywhere and anywhere – especially with your headphones.

There is a reason why audio sex stories inspire many people; you do not have to feel ashamed or guilty like watching porn videos. Listening to audio sex and being able to fill the story with the people and feelings you crave most provides you with an exciting new way to explore yourself and your partner. These intimate stories can be a way for you to ensure you have a healthy, satisfying, and fulfilling sex life, which has additional health benefits, providing an all-encompassing sexual health regime.

How does Audiodesires categorize their audio selection?

We pride ourselves in having something for everyone, and this means different types of stories that have different levels of intensity. The system outlined below was designed to help you effortlessly find whatever you’re in the mood for.

Erotic Audio (Spiciness Level 1)

Erotic audio stories prioritize sensuality and intimacy. The focus in these stories is on foreplay, teasing, bonding and connecting with your partner.

Audio Sex (Spiciness Level 2)

Audio sex stories dive a little deeper into the dynamic between lovers, often getting more descriptive and exploring foreplay, sex and the rush of feelings that come from exploring new fantasies.

Audio Porn (Spiciness Level 3)

Audio porn stories are hot, passionate, intense stories that focus on specific kinks, fetishes and desires. These stories are designed to help you experiment and explore new things both by yourself and with a partner in the most indulgent way possible.


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