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ASMR (which stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response”) is a budding phenomenon taking the internet by storm. It’s being described as a calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation. This reaction is triggered by certain stimuli (which can vary from person to person) but some of the most common include whispering, white noise, tapping, lip-smacking, brushing sounds, quiet moaning, or even the sound of someone eating.

The feeling you get when you listen to an ASMR track is a kind of tingling sensation that can range from a simple head rush to an all-encompassing rush of feel-good shivers followed by a mellow, relaxed feeling. Adding this phenomenal sensation to sexual arousal and satisfaction is a recipe for a level of pleasure you will want to recreate again and again.

When did the hype over ASMR start?

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The term for this phenomenon was coined in 2010. You may be surprised to know it wasn’t named by some scientist or researcher, but rather a participant in an online forum who was looking for a way to describe the effect.

Jennifer Allen proposed the name for the chills running down your spine in response to certain noises based on the meaning of each of the words in the acronym ASMR. Autonomous meaning spontaneous, sensory pertaining to sensations, meridian meaning a peak or climax and response referring to the experience triggered.

Since 2010, the term (and interesting sensation) has intrigued everyone from scientists to Youtubers.

What happens in my body when I listen to ASMR?

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While the impact of ASMR hasn’t been extensively studied in the scientific community, there has been one very interesting study done on the subject. The results of this study showed ASMR listeners experienced a decreased heart-rate (reduced by an average of 3.14 beats per minute), more feelings of relaxation and well-being as well as decreased feelings of stress, anxiety, and sadness compared to people who didn’t listen to ASMR

How can erotic ASMR enhance my sex life?

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ASMR can be an important part of your sexual wellness by being introduced as a type of relaxing foreplay. By allowing your body and mind to be soothed and your stress levels to drop, it becomes easier for day-to-day stresses to fade away and make room for sexier thoughts.

The use of ASMR tactics in audio erotica content (dirty talking, hot moaning sounds, licking, and kissing sounds) can promote an intense sense of both relaxation and anticipation, making your experience even more fulfilling.

How is ASMR incorporated into audio sex stories?

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Find any genre to suit your mood, from obeying to a mischievous British voice whispering naughty nothings in your ear to roleplaying a threesome with your boyfriend while listening to a sultry lesbian sex story. Roleplay, foreplay, or listening while your lover gives you a relaxing massage, ASMR erotica can be part of your masturbation or sex life in any way you desire.

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