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Erotic Story

Happy Ending Massage

You've booked your monthly massage and expect to see your regular masseuse, until the receptionist tells you she is out sick and you'll be having someone else perform your session today. As soon as she walks in, you know you have to have her. Things heat up really quickly and take an unexpected turn when you realize the attraction is mutual. Enjoy a happy ending massage to get you through your work-week.

Finally...it’s time for my massage. 3pm on the second Friday of every month...no matter what - these 45 minutes are all mine...to relax and unwind. It’s been such a busy few weeks. I can’t wait to just drift away….I lie face down on the treatment bed wearing nothing but a small towel wrapped around my waist. When I arrived, the receptionist told me that my regular masseuse is on vacation and I’d be seen by someone else. Hmm, you have a nice voice. I turn my head to look at you as you come through the door. I catch myself staring at you a little longer than I should. You give me a small smile as you meet my eyes And I can’t help but smile back. This is going to be an interesting experience…I’ve never been so attracted to someone giving me a spa treatment before. Just moments ago I was ready to drift off into a relaxation-induced sleep. And now I’m… excited. Anxious, even, for you to put your hands all over me. And I know you’re a professional, but...I wonder what it’s like… touching people all day. Do you ever get turned on by your clients? Rubbing them down with oil...massaging their soft skin...

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