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Late & Lucky

Being late has never felt so lucky in this audio sex story. Your morning agenda is put on hold when you get trapped in the elevator with the attractive guy from marketing you've had a crush on all year. Things heat up quickly and you both blow off some steam while waiting for elevator repairs in this at-work hookup story.

Damn, I am so late. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong this morning has gone wrong. I slept through my alarm, spilled hot coffee all over my favorite tie, and just accidentally tipped my cab driver way too much. Not a great start to what is probably the most important day of my career...I was supposed to be in the marketing meeting 5 minutes ago...I’ve been working on this pitch for ages and these clients are notoriously hard to please. They’re sticklers for rules and regulations...and they are definitely the type to be displeased if they are made to wait. I must look absolutely ridiculous to the people I’m passing as I rush down the halls… People are giving me looks, and I don’t blame them. It’s not every day they see someone in a pressed suit and patent-leather Oxfords sprinting through the lobby like a mad man. No! The lift is leaving! Waiting for the next one is just not an option. I have to get on that elevator. I throw my arm out and the door closes on either side of my briefcase, bouncing back open for me to slip through. Thank god… I made it. I take a moment to catch my breath before looking over and giving the person in the elevator a small smile and nod of thanks. Oh, It’s you. I’ve seen you on my floor loads of times...and everytime I get butterflies in my stomach. I don’t know your name, or anything about you, but...I guess you could say I’ve had something of a crush on you for a while now. This elevator is notoriously slow...but at least I’m here now. I’m in the building. I’ll be walking into my meeting in five minutes or less. I hit the button for floor 23 and see that 24 is already lit up. If I wasn’t so worried about getting to my meeting, I might try to introduce myself or maybe even ask you...a

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