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How can audio erotica improve my sex life?

Did you know that up to 90% of women use scenario conjuring (or imagination) to get into the mood? The mind is an integral part of our sexuality. When you consume visual porn, your mind is focused on taking in the sights of what you’re seeing. When you listen to erotic audio stories, you can focus on the soothing sounds of a voice you find relaxing and erotic, leaving more space for your mind to wander and settle on your sexiest thoughts.

Many of our erotic audio stories incorporate ASRM techniques and realistic sex audio that promote relaxation and a sense of euphoria, allowing you to be guided deeper into your fantasy.

There are always 3 free stories, with new stories being added every month, but you can unlock instant and unlimited access to all of our audio stories with our premium membership.

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What fetishes are offered in the stories on Audiodesires?

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The audio porn you will find here can include various kinks and fetishes into the stories. You can explore everything from a light and sensual evening at home with your lover to an erotic evening with an escort.

Some of the most popular fetishes addressed in our stories include bondage, voyeurism, cunnilingus, infidelity, stranger sex, and student/teacher roleplays.

How can I incorporate audio sex into my sex life with a partner?

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While visual porn can be daunting to experience with your partner, audio porn allows each person to create their own version of the story through their imagination. This makes listening as a couple exciting and easy. Many of our stories are designed with couples in mind, like this one, where you and your lover have sultry, erotic phone sex. You can listen out loud together or both download our user-friendly app and sync up your stories for some mutually-assured pleasure.

Does Audiodesires offer podcasts?

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Yes! The Audiodesires podcast offers 50% (around 4-10 minutes) of each story as a free sample, so you can check out our selection before committing to a premium membership to unlock the full stories.

You can find the podcast both on Spotify and on Apple Podcasts.

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