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Erotic Story

Alone in the Office

This erotic audio story is based on true story submitted by a listener. You have a secret office affair with your sexy colleague. Your co-workers have no idea that you’ve recently started seeing each other, and you really don’t want them to find out. Finally, everyone has left the office and it’s only the two of you as you approach him in his cubicle and he lifts you on his desk. Indulge in this sex at work story with us!

Our office is nearly empty on this Friday afternoon. Most of our coworkers are stuck in an important meeting, which the two of us were lucky not to have been invited to. We try to work diligently on our respective projects, eager to wrap up for the long weekend. I can’t stop looking at the clock and counting down the hours until I can touch you once again. I’m completely distracted around you. And why wouldn’t I be? Ever since we started dating, I haven't been able to keep my hands off you. I want desperately to slip them around your hips as I pass by you on the way to the employee kitchen every day; or to push my tongue between your lips during the most boring of meetings. But unfortunately, I can’t. Our co-workers have no idea that we’ve recently started seeing each other, and we really don’t want them to find out. They have no clue how perfectly our bodies fit together, or how frequently we please each other all night long. And to keep them from finding out, We have to act like everything is normal between us. Like we’re not just dying to tear each other’s clothes off every moment of every day. Instead of writing my quarterly report or following up with clients, I’m thinking about you naked. Again. I’m thinking about you squirming and writhing beneath me in bed last night. Mmmm… I’m thinking about that sensitive little spot along your neck that makes you scream in delight when I press my lips up against it. God, I just wish I could touch you right now. I grab my phone and text you quickly from my desk. You're sitting adjacent to me, tucked away in your own cubicle. It looks like you’re trying to work, but I would bet you’re just as distracted as I am. All afternoon you’ve been sneaking glances my way, trying to get my attention. I peek around the edge of my cubicle and catch sight of you sticking the end of a pen between your luscious, red-stained lips. You suck on the tip of it, twirling your tongue around and around, while staring at your computer screen. There's hardly anyone else around. Finally, we meet each other’s gaze. I mouth silently at you to stop teasing me.

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