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Erotic Story

Lucky You, Lucky Me

Traveling for the past few weeks has been a blast. In this audio sex story, you arrive at a Dublin hostel late at night and are excited to get some rest before heading out to explore the next day. You settle into the common room for a few minutes alone...but are interrupted by the hostel manager. You're immediately captivated by his Irish accent and sparks fly between you. The evening ends with an intimate star-gazing sexual encounter.

So… this is a hostel, huh? It’s my first time ever staying in one.Dylan, Emily, and I have been staying in hotels for most of our journey across the UK. We’ve gotten very used to the crisp, clean aesthetic of modern, european hotels. But here, the lights are dim. The rooms are cheap. And the energy is buzzing. There’s a feeling of history in every room. As if you can feel the presence of the hundreds of previous occupants. I take a seat on a sunken-in corduroy couch in the main sitting room. It’s late and there’s no one around except for a young guy dusting down the eclectic bookshelves in the back of the room. I take a moment to just ground myself. To look around me. The walls are painted over with a series of abstract murals. Stacks of old magazines and ancient looking travel guides line the bright orange shelves of the bookcase. The place is messy, but in a good way. Like everything is a hand-me-down from generations’ past. It makes the place feel...comfortable. I glance over at the guy who was dusting. He’s now moved on to wiping down the window sill. I like the look of intensity on his face as he cleans. He’s...actually quite attractive. The curves of his face are accented by his dark beard. The thick stubble sparkling with the glint of a day spent on his feet. He throws the rag over his shoulder and makes his way into the small make-shift kitchen off to the right. He pulls open the fridge and takes out two bottles. “So, an American just arrived in Dublin. That means you’ve got to have a Guinness.”

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