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Erotic Story

Dirty Dinner Date

In this audio sex story, two young lovers attend a housewarming party and things quickly get wet and wild when the two begin texting dirty details to each other at the table. Enjoy sneaking off to the bathroom in this sweet secret sex story.

I have one hand in his, the other holding a bottle of wine as we sit in the back of the taxi. It’s starting to get dark outside, but the early evening air is warm and inviting. We’re on our way to my friend Steven’s new apartment for a small dinner party. I’m looking forward to a night of great food, and great company. And of course, having Jae there with me. I smile to myself, and he notices. He flashes me a cheeky smile and I can’t help but grin back at him. We’ve been laughing and joking together all evening as we prepared for our night out. It’s how we spend a lot of time together. Laughing, joking, teasing each other. I’ve never had a relationship quite like this one. I love being with him. He has an adventurous side, which makes me want to be a little adventurous, too. The sex, of course, has been great. Really great. Like beyond-my-wildest-dreams, great. We’ve been together for almost six months now, and he’s still surprising me.

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