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Erotic Story

Wedding Night

This audio sex story, tells the tale of a newlywed couple who has a romantic and kinky wedding night. You can’t wait to show your husband just how happy you are to be his wife. You slip away from your won wedding into the beautiful garden estate to have passionate sex. For the best experience, please use headphones to experience our Erotic ASMR sound effects.

After so much planning and so much anticipation, the day has finally come. This entire weekend is passing by like a dream. I almost can’t believe it. We are married. I hold my new husband's hand, and we sit together at the head of the bridal table, enjoying the feeling of having all our loved ones spread out before us, sharing in our happiness. This is our moment. All eyes are on us. As much as I love this joyous reception, and the feeling of being surrounded by excited friends and family, all I really want… right now… is to be alone with him. Even if just for a few moments. I want him all to myself. I lean in and kiss him on the cheek. *cheek kiss* His smell is intoxicating; sharp and rich. He really is a beautiful man; casually jaw-dropping. But extra-attractive this evening, as he sits here, next to me, in a perfectly tailored wedding suit that he organised. I feel so close to him. So connected. We did all this together. It’s been a flawless celebration, And I couldn’t be happier. Well… there is one thing that I can’t stop thinking about that would elevate my sense of happiness… but… I know that I’ll have to wait until the festivities are over. Honestly, I’m having such a hard time being patient while his hand rests gently on my leg. I look into his eyes and I see that he feels exactly the same as I do. I feel absolutely gorgeous in my dress, but the layers of satin and lace are starting to feel heavy and impenetrable. All I want is to feel his hands all over me. The photographer appears at our side, snapping images with a blinding flash. My husband turns towards me and presses his lips up against my cheek. “I can’t wait until tonight…” ...He whispers into my ear. Mhhh ...a shiver runs down my spine.

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