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Erotic Story

Aphrodite & Adonis

Aphrodite and her human lover, Adonis lie in a meadow after a long hunt. They've just taken a bath in a nearby stream and are letting the sun dry them off. Aprhodite reflects on her affections for Adonis and decides to show him just how much she appreciates him.

I can think of nowhere else I’d rather be than right here, right now, lying beside my Adonis in this lovely meadow. A cool breeze blankets us alongside the gentle sun...birdsong fills the air and every so often, we are greeted by a cautious doe or a squirrel. It’s so peaceful here. Far away from the tensions of Olympus and the cruel dark of the underworld. My skin is chilled from our recent bath in the river. His skin is covered in goosebumps… I play with him, dragging my fingers along his flesh as they follow my touch. Humans are so… fascinating. It felt so good to wash away the sweat from our hunt together. Although, I would have loved to lick clean my Adonis’ beautiful body. The grass tickles my bare back as I turn my body towards his. We discarded our clothes somewhere near the riverside earlier and never retrieved them. I place my face close to his… and slowly… gently…kiss his jaw and neck. Taking a human as a lover has shown me they have other perks, too: The soft skin, the tender lips, the vigorous loins...

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