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Road Trip

This audio porn is based on a user story who had a romantic threesome with their best friend out in the wilds. You are on a road trip with your partner and his best friend. After an evening at the beach, drinking beers and roasting marshmallows, you head back to your VW Bulli Oldtimer. The confinement of the camper van brings the three of you a lot closer than usual …

The three of us are drinking beers And roasting marshmallows around a fire on the beach The sand is cool against our feet The sea is crashing It's sunset now on a secluded beach The sky’s on fire A painter’s stroke of blues and oranges And wispy, lovely clouds You're sitting in between my best friend's legs The mouth of the beer bottle nestled between your seductive lips You look so beautiful and so contented against him His hands enveloping your body to keep you warm We're reminiscing of the drive down from the coast The trials and tribulations along the way The engine failing on the VW Bulli OldTimer You poke fun of me for how upset I was And do an impression of my voice Which makes me laugh *chuckle* You’re the funniest woman I know And to be honest, the most beautiful I love the way your face lights up in the firelight So much so it's hard to look away Especially now as you bite into your marshmallow Hot and oozing at the end of the stick A strand of sugar settles on the side of your mouth He takes his finger and rubs the strand away You bring his finger forward and insert it in your mouth And start to suck slow and sensually Your eyes on mine the entire time I look away and feel aroused And watch the sea as I finish my beer I can hear now that the two of your are kissing Suddenly, I yawn and stand I stretch and excuse myself Gathering my things And head into the campervan to sleep “Goodnight,” the two of you call It's nice to be ensconced in the van now The doors flung open with a view of the dark sea I'm lying on one side of the van unable to sleep The light chains inside romantic and twinkling I’m thinking of your mouth I’m thinking of the look we shared As his finger entered your mouth I'm wondering how we're all going to fit How we're all going to sleep tonight The two of your are off in the distance Brushing your teeth Changing your clothes Intermittently making out My eyes flutter slowly And eventually I manage to fall asleep.

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