Double Pleasure Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Threesome Fantasy
Erotic Story

Double Pleasure

This audio porn story explores a sexy threesome fantasy with your partner and his best friend, just outside a nightclub. Enjoy! For the best experience, please use headphones.

Your partner’s best friend is in from out of town. And tonight you’re all out dancing. He’s taken you to a swanky members club in the city. The music is pumping and pounding. Filling up your ears and bodies with bass and fast rhythmed sounds. You’re aroused by the number of scantily dressed women there are, and all of the sharply clothed men. To tell the truth, your partner’s an awkward dancer. But his efforts are endearing. It’s what you love about him. His hands fumbling self-consciously at your waist, as he moves his hips against your ass from side to side. His best friend smiles but shows your partner how it’s really done. He’s so confident and in control of his large and sturdy limbs. He rocks his hips,then turns to shake his ass. Firm and plump in his trousers. He’s insanely attractive. Women gravitate to him like fireflies to the light. You’ve always had a crush on him ..

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