In the Forest Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Blindfold Fantasy
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In the Forest

In this audio porn story we explore a threesome fantasy of you having sex with a stranger in the forest while your partner watches. Dive into this partner swapping & hotwife scenario and find out if this kink is for you. We used erotic ASMR sound effects to bring this sexy story to life. For the best experience, please use headphones.

Your partner wants to do something special for you today. You’ve been together for quite some time now. You’ve explored each other’s bodies endlessly. Given each other the greatest pleasures possible. But today he wants to give you even more. Something... different. He tells you that you’re taking a little trip for the day. You drive until you reach an isolated forest clearing. There’s no one around for miles. You’re completely alone out there in the endless rows of trees. He tells you to take off your clothes. And once your perfect body is completely bare, he places a blindfold gently over your eyes. “Don’t worry” he assures you. “No one is going to see us. Except for one other person. You can’t see him. But a stranger awaits us at the trunk of a tree just a few feet away.”

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