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Erotic Story

Siren Song

Sailors never could say no to your seductive song - and in this fantasy erotica story, a Siren lures a young man to his deserved fate as her eternal lover when he takes refuge in a cave during a horrible storm.

Well, it’s official. I’m an idiot. I really should have listened to that guy at the docks who told me there was a storm on the way. But, no, I thought I knew better, didn’t I? And I left my phone back at the hotel so I could enjoy a day without distractions. At least I’m not going to freeze. Greece in August is warm –– I can thank the Gods for that. Which god would I be thanking...Notus is it? For the heat? Perhaps it’s Zeus himself making all this lightning. Well, whoever’s responsible for it, I’m not particularly thrilled to be floating in a tin can in the middle of the ocean during this storm. I’ve no idea which way land is, but I steer hard to the left and let the gods decide my fate for me. Wait...what is that? Someone singing… in this storm… it’s impossible. I swing the boat towards the direction of the sound…It’s a relief to hear another human out here in the middle of the ocean...despite everything, I feel… calm. The music is soothing. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Is that…? Land! Oh my god, yes, I’ve found land. It’s not the land I was looking for, but I’m not picky right now. It looks like there is something of a cave ahead...that should be a good place to wait out the storm. the it coming from the cave? Has someone else sought refuge here as well then? I kill the engine of the boat and the storm drifts me towards the cavernous opening. I can only see darkness in front of me as I drift further into the cave. I’m not sure how, because the water is strangely still in here. I should be weary… cautious… but I feel relaxed and safe.

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