The Ranch Hand Pt. II Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Romantic Fantasy
Erotic Story

The Ranch Hand Pt. II

In this audio sex story, Rob the Ranch Hand is introduced to a reporter doing a spread for a local paper on the Agua Verde Ranch. While showing her around the Ranch, they get caught in a rain storm and take shelter under a mountain overpass. Things turn romantic and sensual between the two strangers in this 22-minute sexy cowboy audio story.

Most folks might not like it, but I gotta say, there’s nothin’ better than some good ole’ fashioned hard work. Gives me time to think. Hell, most of the time I’m not really thinkin’ about anythin’. I’m just enjoying the sights and sounds of the Agua Verde ranch. I shrug off my worn, dusty button-up shirt and pull the brim of my hat down a little further. Man, it’s hot today. My bare chest is already sticky with sweat. I look up as an old red pickup truck comes down the county road. It kicks up clouds of dirt as it pulls up and parks right next to my own trusty Ford. I nod at the driver, my boss, Mr. Alvarez. Now who’s that he’s got riding shotgun with him? My eyes are stuck on you like a magnet. Those blue-jeans you’re wearing...they are uthentic, not like designer jeans folks wear in the city. And damn, they sure fit you like a glove.

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