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Erotic Story

Personal Trainer

In this audio porn episode, your trainer slots you in for a late-night session and things heat up quickly when they let slip how much they like you. You can't keep your hands off each other longer enough to make it to the dressing rooms and decide to take advantage of the empty fitness center.

I love teaching private classes. The gym feels so different at night. Empty. Like a giant metal cavern. The place is always so noisy and chaotic during the day. Coaches yelling, gloves hitting punching bags and music blaring. Now it’s just you and me...and I can actually hear myself think. I take off my focus mitts and watch as you drop your gloves to the floor. I finally have a chance to wipe the sweat off my brow and push my short hair back into place. You let down your long beautiful hair and shake it out. Then, you wipe your face with your towel and take a few sips from your water bottle. You just worked out for an hour straight, and somehow you look as beautiful as you did when you walked in. How do you do that? I feel... lucky to be your trainer. You have a really great body that attracts a lot of eyes in the gym…mine included. Bright eyes, a killer smile…those thick, strong legs…gorgeous, firm breasts...I wonder if you’ve ever noticed me staring at you before. I hope not. It’s unprofessional to be attracted to your clients…and I usually manage to keep it in check...but there’s just something about you.

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