The Blackout Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Ex Hookup Fantasy
Erotic Story

The Blackout

This audio sex story explores you getting back together with an old college flame during a weekend getaway at a snowy lakeside cabin. While a blackout distracts your friends, you and your ex discover there's still plenty of chemistry between you two. No one would notice if you were to sneak upstairs and have some time to yourselves... Indulge in this secret sex in the dark fantasy.

It’s snowing lightly as I drive through rows of towering pine trees, on a winding road up to the cabin. Wow. What a gorgeous location for a little weekend escape. I could sure use a holiday. Work always gets so hectic this time of year. I was preparing to spend the winter cooped up in my downtown office when I got the call about a little college reunion weekend by the lake. Some time to relax with old friends is exactly what I need. I just can’t help but wonder… will you be there? You and I both ended up in this tight-knit group of lifelong friends. We spent way too many nights getting drunk on cheap red wine instead of studying. I don’t know when it happened exactly, but I was surprised when the friendship between you and I shifted towards romantic desire. But… I was just a young dumb guy always chasing my next high. Unfortunately, I got seduced by someone else. I regret giving you up. But I did it assuming you wouldn’t want me back after all of that drama. Anyway, I guess I haven’t seen you since graduation. I always wondered where things could have gone between us. Maybe this week will answer that question… I turn into the gravel driveway of the cozy lakeside house. As I get out and begin unloading my bags… … another car pulls up behind me. I squint through the windshield. Is it…? It is. It’s you. You gracefully get out of the car and wave to me. My heart races as you close the gap between us. Somehow you look even sexier than you did in college. Your long hair flows across your back… And those boots… I’d forgotten how long your legs are. “Hey, you! It’s been forever, hasn’t it? How are you?” You reach out and embrace me. And I release a soft sigh of relief. I was worried there might be awkwardness between us, but we’re just two old friends who haven’t seen each other in awhile. Who knows? Maybe we’re more than that. We make our way inside the snow-drenched cabin together. The furniture looks handmade and the wooden rafter beams in the ceiling makes it feel like a rustic farmstead home. A huge freshly-cut pine tree sits in the corner of the entryway half-decorated with popcorn on strings. We find our friends drinking hot chocolate by a crackling fire in the living room. You and I sit down next to each other on the couch to catch up with the group. As we all chat, I learn you’ve finished law school and work at a prestigious firm in the city. Very impressive.

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