Connect Lovense Bluetooth Vibrators to our Audio Stories

Carefully curated vibration pattern designed to help you feel every exciting detail of the story!


Choose a story

First, choose a story from the Lovense x Audiodesires catalog


Press sync button

Press the Lovense sync button available in the Audiodesires player


Scan code

Scan the QR code or click on the link provided


Confirm your choice

Confirm this choice in the Lovense Remote app


Check your device

Ensure your toy is on and connected to the Lovense Remote app


Play story

Navigate back to Audiodesires website and press play

Lovense Toys

*to use this exciting new feature, you will need to download the Lovense Remote app for IOS or Android. This feature will only work with Lovense Bluetooth toys. If you aren’t able to locate the app in your app store, please check your spelling - some accidentally spell it as “Lovesense” instead of Lovense.

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If you're interested in getting yourself or your partner a toy to vibe along to our erotic audio stories, we have a discount for you!

You love listening to our audio stories, now you can feel them, too! What are you waiting for? Test out the ten hot episodes featured in this catalog and let us know what you think of the steamy vibrations!


I Want To Try It…Now What?

Check out our ever-expanding AUDIODESIRES x LOVENSE collection below. New stories are added to this collection every month!

Being able to sync our erotic audio stories and guides to the Lovense toys just made total sense to us! This will enable users to immerse themselves even more into the worlds we create, really feeling what’s happening and truly bringing their fantasies to life.”

Hannah - CEO at Audiodesires

Together with our friends from AudioDesires, we invite all fans of erotic stories and sex toys on an incredible adventure that will take them to new dimensions of pleasure.

Dan Liu - Lovense CEO


What is Lovense?

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Founded in 2010, Lovense is one of the top consumer technology companies in the sex-tech space (focusing primarily on bluetooth-controlled sex toys). Since 2010, Lovense has been equipping bedrooms around the world with unique toys that can be remotely controlled. These toys can be individually programmed via Bluetooth in the Remote Lovense app to offer users a more personalized sexual experience.

What is Audiodesires?

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Audiodesires is a safe space for erotic audio experiences. Audiodesires invites everyone on the journey towards a happier, healthier sex life. With immersive erotic audio stories and sexual wellness guides, the platform creates realistic narratives of pleasure to encourage listeners to explore their deepest desires and embrace their sexuality without any feelings of guilt or shame.

How do the Lovense vibration patterns for erotic audio stories work?

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Each story has a carefully curated programmed vibration pattern that precisely follows the action in the story. For example, gentle foreplay is represented in slow impulses, and the faster and more intense the pleasure gets, the faster and more intense the vibrations will be. Users can simply close their eyes and get lost in a truly immersive experience with realistic sound effects and pleasure patterns from their Lovense toy. The combination of senses, auditory and haptic perception provides users with an enhanced pleasure experience - or in other words: better orgasms.

Which Lovense bluetooth sex toys pair best with erotic audio stories?

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You can use any kind of Lovense toy with Audiodesires’ erotic audio stories! Our audio erotica stories are syncable with all Lovense toys. However, some of our favorites include:

  • Exomoon lipstick-inspired bullet vibrator
  • Lush 3 long distance sex toy
  • Dolce remote control vibrator for G-spot and clitoris
  • Domi 2 remote control vibrator for vibrating panties
  • Ferri bluetooth vibrator small wand massager

How to connect Lovense remote?

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Connecting to the Lovense Remote app is very simple, you can simply read through this tutorial on how to operate the app and connect your toy to the Lovense Remote app.

How to use Lovense remote app with Audiodesires?

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Every episode in the Audiodesires x Lovense catalog has a QR code or link that you can scan with your Lovense Remote app, which will automatically connect you to the audio vibration pattern of that episode.


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