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Erotic Story

Fire & Ice

In this audio porn story, Ani and her Dominant/boyfriend Josef explore intimate pleasures with candles and ice cubes. Ani has always hated celebrating her birthday; the fuss…the attention…all eyes on her - but this year, Josef is pulling out all the stops to give the two of them an intimate evening to remember. Tonight, Ani will be the centre of his universe and he’s more than ready to swathe her in mind-blowing pleasure like she has never experienced before. Explore the sensual evening Josef has planned in this romantic audio story.

This story is written by the British Indian erotica author The Secret Submissive. Okay…I think everything is finally ready. I’ve got all the candles lit…pink rose petals scattered around the room and across the bed…the champagne is being iced and…I think that’s it. You might think I’ve gone a little overboard, but I also think you will really like it. You certainly deserve every bit of it - and I’m going to make sure you have an unforgettable birthday weekend. I’ve brought a selection of your favourite sex toys and those new bed restraints that we’ve yet to test out. I lay them out next to the ice-bucket of champagne and your presents. I’m excited to give you this experience, not just because it’s your birthday, but because you could really deserve some attention and care. Your job keeps you way too busy and sometimes I worry about how many hours you’re putting in. Lucky for you, dating the manager of a luxury hotel downtown has its perks. I’ve snagged the penthouse suite for the entire weekend…just for us.

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