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Erotic Story

Musician on Tour

In this audio sex story, fan-favorite Nathan plays a musician whose band is currently on tour. He loves the thrill of the crowd and the excitement of performing, but going back to an empty hotel room is hard when you’re at home in his bed all alone. He calls you before bed and things turn exciting when he orders you to go down to the kitchen and grab some ice. Yes, ice. Settle in and enjoy this dominant long-distance boyfriend love story.

If you would like to play along by yourself or with a partner, feel free to gather the following items before you listen: a cup of ice cubes. If you’re playing with a partner, you may also enjoy the use of a blindfold during this episode. I’m walking back to my hotel room after an exhausting night. Man, the show was amazing. The crowd screaming up at us, the thrill of performing and the energy of being on stage…I love it all. But of course, touring with my band has its ending my night in an empty hotel room, while you’re at home thousands of miles away. I’ve been doing this for four weeks now, and with another month to go… I’m becoming desperate to see you. But for now, video calls will have to do. The hotel room is cool; a relief from the sticky, humid atmosphere under the bright stage lights. Through thin curtains, bright moonlight is seeping through, illuminating a huge king sized bed which takes up most of the room. I drop the heavy guitar case down onto the ground beside the bed. I stretch and my tight muscles complain from the weight of carrying that thing around stage all night. My thoughts turn to you and your amazing shoulder rubs. What I’d give right now to have your hands kneading away at my shoulders, neck and back. I pick up my laptop from the end of the bed...what time is it? It’s late, but I might just be able to catch you before you go to bed…

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