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Dirty Talk

Pillow Talk with John

Fan-favorite narrator John guides you through a lazy morning in bed - dirty talk, foreplay, and an orgasm you won't forget. It's so easy to get caught up in the stress of daily life - slow things down and enjoy every second of this intimate one-on-one audio sex story.

Good morning, baby. Oh, it’s nothing, it’s just that...this is easily the best sight I’ve ever woken up to. Of course, I mean it. You are beautiful. And seeing you like this...after last night...actually, it reminds me of something. It was after we met online and our messages got more intimate. I sent you a story...well, an idea I had. I’d like to tell you again...to give you an idea of something that will happen soon. The morning would start with you stirring awake, moaning as you feel heat at your core. Your legs stretched across the bed so I have easy access to my morning meal. Only my mouth so far, gently licking up and down...circling your clit and giving it a gentle suck before moving my tongue back down. One hand on your stomach, slowly and gently massaging. The other hand, moving along one thigh, gently caressing it. As your eyes lock onto mine, more moans escaping from your lips, I look up at you...

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