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Dirty Talk

Pillow Talk with Julia

In this intimate one-on-one encounter, you get a taste of your lover's playful side as she sets a fun game after a long week of work: the last one to cum, wins. Who can hold out longest while you're both teasing and pleasing each other and yourselves? Find out in this steamy session with fan-favorite narrator, Julia.

This day felt like it would never end…back to back meetings…eating lunch at my desk while reading over emails. It’s so late already...but I’m so glad to be climbing into bed with you. You look like you’ve had a rough day too, huh? I hate that our schedules don’t allow for much downtime together. You’re always so tense when you get home from work. It’s hard for you to just unwind and enjoy the evening. And lately...with these late nights of mine…it’s just been a long week for both of us and tonight I think we deserve a little rest and relaxation. Without saying a word, I slide your phone out of your hand and climb on top of you, straddling my legs around your waist. I kiss you passionately…as if nothing matters more to me right now than tasting your lips and feeling your body. You seem surprised that I’m feeling so…horny tonight. I lean in to kiss you again, this time sliding my hand around your neck gently as my lips explore yours...I pull you forward and strip off the loose t-shirt you’re wearing. I think I’ve figured out the perfect way for us to spend our evening...

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