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Guided Sex


Pleasure should be shameless. Experiencing pleasure and communicating with your partner about what you want during sex shouldn't feel embarassing or difficult. Join fan-favorite narrator Alice in our first guided sex episode where you and your lover can learn to share pleasure shamelessly.

Hi, my name is Alice. Today I’m going to be guiding you and your partner in an intimate sexual activity. Pleasure is all about communication. And whether your relationship is brand new or decades old, communicating with your partner is always of utmost importance. One of the most common emotions that keeps us from fully communicating with our partner about our pleasure is shame. For some, it might be difficult to think about or talk about sex. Some people may have difficulty telling their partner what they want simply because they’re embarrassed or they think their desires are shameful. Today, we’re going to practice being shameless with pleasure and with each other. We’re going to work on losing inhibitions and feeling more confident with what we want in bed. Now, to get started, make sure that you’re in your bedroom or a comfortable, private place. If you want to light a candle or maybe dim the lights a little, feel free. You also want to make sure that you have a blindfold nearby for this session. Ready? Perfect. Let’s get started.

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