The Muse Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Friends with Benefits Fantasy

In this audio sex story, Tyrell and Avni explore beyond the confines of their friendship after Tryell asks for help with a nude painting he is working on. Avni is keen to lend a hand and insists on stripping down for him, to be the muse for his work. Soon, it becomes impossible for Tyrell to hide his attraction to Avni’s beautiful body draped over the couch in his studio...but Avni doesn’t mind. Join Tyrell and Avni in this ultimate friends-to-lovers fantasy.

I step back and examine the canvas from a few feet away. Something isn’t quite right. The proportions between the neck and the shoulders are off. I think I’m going to need a model to finish this painting. I haven’t painted a nude since art school, so I’m a little out of practice. I wonder if you’re in your studio next door. Maybe…if you’re free…you might want to pose for me. We’ve both been renting studios in this industrial building for the last three years or so. We became good friends just chatting whenever we ran into each other in the halls. Then, we started running into each other at gallery openings nearby. Finally, we started going out for drinks together once a month or so. It’s always been casual between us. So is it weird if I ask you to pose nude for me? You’ve always struck me as adventurous. Not to mention, you are extremely attractive - you would make an excellent model, especially for this piece. I think you might be just the inspiration I need.

How spicy?







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