Nightclub Heat Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Queer Fantasy
Erotic Story

Nightclub Heat

This audio sex story takes you to a queer nightclub. You’re scanning the crowd, feeling seductive and a bit mischievous. Through a chain of fortunate events you end up having a lesbian encounter in a unisex bathroom.

I’m standing in a tight group of my friends, All of us with drinks in our hands, All of us looking for trouble. I nod along to the sound of the thumping bass and mesmerizing rhythm, nonchalantly fiddling with my breast binder through my shirt, but feeling cool and confident nonetheless. My attention fades in and out of the raucous conversation happening between my two best friends beside me. I’m scanning the crowd, feeling seductive and a bit mischievous. I’m not sure what I’m looking for exactly, But I’ll know as soon as I see her. I run my palm over my freshly shaved head. I love the feeling of the soft fuzz against my fingertips. It always gives me a surge of confidence. Tonight I’m wearing my favorite black t-shirt and my trusty pair of vintage jeans, An outfit I tend to get lucky in. I take another sip of my drink and glance around the crowded, dark bar. I catch a glimpse of you through a small gap in the throng of people surrounding the bar, Mmm. You’re a new and exciting face. I come to this queer bar almost every Friday night. And yet I’ve never seen you before. I try to get a better look at you, As bodies pour over to the dancefloor. Even from across the room I can see how fucking hot you are. I try and crane my neck to get a better look. Like me, you’re surrounded by a group of friends, laughing as you raise a glass to them. You throw your head back now as you laugh and a bolt of desire shoots through me. You look so sultry as you command the attention of your friends. You're so clearly the life of the party, I’m intrigued by the way they all look at you, with so much adoration and love. I, too, can't quite keep my eyes off you. I try to drift my attention back towards the conversation happening in my own circle of friends, Yet you still have me so mesmerized. It's not just your low cut top exposing the soft roundness of your breasts. Nor is it the way your jeans cling tightly to your waist and protruding ass as you bounce to the music. It's the way you hold yourself. It’s your sexy, commanding femininity. The way your friends seem to devour your every word. I start to think I'd like to consume you too.

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