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Erotic Story

Nightclub Heat II

In this audio porn story, things get sensual between you and your new lover the morning after your public sex hookup. After you left the nightclub together, you ended up at her place for more drinks and more sex. It’s the next morning, and you’re both in the mood to continue exploring each other’s bodies. Pick up where you left off in the continuation of this LGBTQ+ sex story.

I don’t know how we managed to make it back to mine after the club last night...but here we are together this bright and beautiful Saturday morning, warm and cozy underneath my plush duvet. I prop my head up onto my hands and gaze sleepily over at you. I have to say, you look even more stunning in the natural light even when your eyeliner is all smudged and your hair is a mess. Your dishevelment reminds me of all of the unspeakable things we did to each other last night. Fucking in the bathroom at the bar…coming back to my place and fucking again, right here in my bed. Your wide and curious eyes flutter open and a surprised look comes over your face. It’s as if you’re remembering and replaying all the delicious fun we had last night. Do you remember how we came together on the dance floor? We wanted each other so fucking badly. I led you from the crowd and straight to the bathroom…I can still smell the scent of your pussy against your black underwear, which is now strewn across my antique armchair. A soft smile comes over your face as you stretch your arms above your head and slide your smooth legs up against mine. You look pleased to see me, so that’s a good sign.

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