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My Mate

A cabin in the middle of the words, dark, dense forestry...and a full moon. In this audio sex episode, there's an eerie feeling in the air. A sensual, female dominance werewolf sex story has the natural and supernatural colliding in an intense, passionate, erotic evening between strangers.

It’s such a beautiful evening. I watch from the balcony of my cabin as the sun starts to dip low in the sky, casting the forest in a warm, golden glow. When it reaches the tree line, everything will become shadows. I’d better get moving before it gets too dark. There’s a full moon due tonight which I’m sure is going to look spectacular. I go back inside, fetch my walking shoes, and a lantern, just in case. Better safe than sorry. This mountainside cabin is my favourite place to just reset and get my head straight. I come here for a week or two when I really need to hunker down and get work done or when I just need time and space to think. No other people, no technology, no distractions. The scent of pine and cedar is so relaxing. Ever since I arrived yesterday morning, I’ve felt more like myself. Not to mention the scenery is really inspiring for my writing. Solitude helps me concentrate, I suppose. I start along the well-trodden path going west. Enormous trees stretch high into the dark blue sky above me. Instead of bearing north along the mountain’s edge like I normally do, I decide to continue on going west. It doesn’t look like many people have gone this way.

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