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In our latest fantasy audio sex story, you stumble upon a mysterious night club while doing some research for your magazine column. Wandering into the dimly lit club, you realize everyone's staring at you as if you're something to be devoured. Then, you meet him. A grey-eyed, smooth-talking lover who is so much more than a man...could he be...a vampire?

So, it is real. I’ve been hearing so much about this place, but I was starting to doubt it actually existed. Everyone’s been talking about an exclusive new club called Fangs. Despite all the hype around it, no one could tell me where it was. And I couldn’t find anyone who had actually been there before. It sounded like a nightlife fairy tale. I had just about given up on my search… when I got a strange email in my work inbox. Fangs, 3258 Schifter Street. Password: bordeaux. It was from an anonymous there was no way to track who had sent it. Finding out about the best nightlife in town is kind of my thing. I’m the head culture writer at a major magazine and people look to me for where they should go and how they should spend their nights. So, here I am, heading down to the basement level of what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, hoping there actually is a mysterious club hidden down below. God, I hope this trek is worth it. A thin, pale young man stands at the metal doors at the bottom of the stairs. Definitely not like the burly bouncers you see manning the door at downtown clubs.

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