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Massage Therapy

Sometimes you can't help the attraction you feel to someone. In this audio sex story, when your last client of the day comes in for a massage, the spark you feel is instantaneous and you realize you have to have him. His moans, his hands on your body, and the taste of his lips are things you'll never forget.

I dim the lights and hit play on the speaker. This is my last client of the day. Actually, I think he and I are the only ones in the building. Laid out on the massage table, he’s completely bare except for the small towel covering his ass and hips. I only saw his face for a moment, but… damn. He’s got a great body. I pour a little oil into my hands and warm it between my palms. The calming smell of lavender fills the room. I position myself by his head and slowly work his neck… and then his shoulders. Mmm, his muscles are tight. I wonder if he has stress from work, or maybe at home. Oh...his moaning is really hot. I don’t ever get turned on by my clients when I’m massaging them, but I guess I’m rarely massaging someone I find so attractive. I glide my hands down to his hips and massage the tight lower back muscles just above his ass. Sometimes giving massages can get a little… awkward. People sometimes make the most erotic noises while getting massaged. But for some reason I’m feeling more excited than anything. I wonder what he does for a living. If he’s single. If his cock is as big as I’m imagining it might be. Okay...this is a professional environment...there’s no room for the thoughts I’m having...thoughts about licking my way down his torso. About massaging his cock with my hands…my mouth...

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