The New Professor Part I

This erotic audio story explores a sexy student-professor fantasy. You stumble late into class with your new, sexy professor and you immediately feel attracted to him. This is part 1 of a voyage into bondage and submission, exploring the power dynamic between a professor and his student. I roll out of bed and quickly realise I’ve accidentally hit stop instead of snooze on my alarm - oh shh.... In a panic, I dash out to my first class and - great! - it’s raining. What a start to this semester. Soaked and sweaty I stumble into the large, crowded lecture hall. *panting sound* Everyone is glaring at me, I’m late for the first lecture with a new professor, and all this attention is embarrassing. I hang my head in frustration, wet hair sticking to my face and silently curse that I chose to wear white this morning. What’s my name - asks a deep, husky voice from across the hall. I feel my heart sinking and… oh... my cheeks are hot and flushed with embarrassment. It takes everything not to run straight back out the door. Instead, I hurry up the steps to an empty seat and shut my eyes tightly. I take a deep breath in, wishing away the unwanted attention. *long pause* Calmly, I open my eyes again… to realise there’s a man’s waist in my face… I’ve been staring at his crotch for way too long and flinch in embarrassment. Hastily, I avert my eyes upwards and the same husky voice from before introduces himself to me. Our new professor. I nod slowly as I give an indistinct apology and begin searching for nothing in my bag as a distraction. The handsome professor turns around and pulls a laser pointer out of his pocket. Returning to the huge screen, he finishes the point he was making. As he walks around between the rows of students he throws a stern, piercing glance at me and my breath hitches. I nibble at my lower lip and avert my gaze. Ohh… I try and stop the absurd thoughts swirling in my mind that will no doubt prevent me from passing this class. While I try and recount the professor’s last few words for my notes, my bag clatters to the floor next to me.

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