The New Professor I Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Teacher and Student Fantasy
Erotic Story

The New Professor I

This erotic audio story explores a sexy student-teacher fantasy. You stumble late into class with your new, sexy professor and you immediately feel attracted to him. This is part 1 of story that sets you on a voyage into bondage and submission, exploring the power dynamic between a professor and his student.

My hair is slick to my head as I enter the building. The gloriously high ceiling.Sculpted woodwork.And shiny tiled floors a stark contrast to my soaked appearance.Of all the days to oversleep…!Today has already been a string of mishaps, and it’s only the first day of the new semester.I give my head a shake.Water lightly spraying the empty university foyer.Fortunately, nobody is around to see me this disheveled.Unfortunately, I’m extremely late for my first lecture. I give the downpour outside one last glare before I rush to find lecture hall 607.It doesn’t take me long to find the hall.But that doesn’t make walking into a crowded room any easier.All eyes turn and stare at me as I try and sneak inside.Of all the eyes focused on me, his are the most intense.They perfectly suit the chiselled features of his face.The way he expresses such emotions in just a simple look.And then there’s his muscular build, barely concealed beneath his crisp shirt and black trousers.He exudes confidence.As I walk to one of the few empty seats.Right near the front of the hall.Embarrassment builds inside me.My face flushed and red as I avoid looking at him directly.I quickly give my name.Then lower my head as far into my clothes as I can.Hoping something will divert his attention.Seconds tick by and still he stares.His gaze burning into me.Then.Finally.He returns to the lecture at hand.Leaving me to nervously peer at him as he strides across the room.Now everyone else has forgotten about me.I reach into my cluttered bag and begin pulling out my notepad and books.

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