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Erotic Story

The Incubus

Summoning an incubus is no easy feat...but you're a powerful witch confident in her abilities. Another difficult task? Bending an incubus' will to suit your passions. You've studied for years, and you know you're ready...tonight is the night you will own (and dominate) an incubus of your own.

Candles are lit…the incense is burning...and I’ve shed all of my clothing. Everything’s ready for his arrival. I’ve been looking forward to meeting him for such a long time. For three years I have dedicated my powers to successfully summoning an incubus of my own. No easy feat, but I’ve finally done it. My very own pet to do with as I please…that’s exactly why I know tonight’s going to be just perfect. I keep my eyes closed, not to avoid looking at the dancing shadows and flickering lights that announce his arrival…but to build up my own anticipation. What will I see once I open my eyes? I hope my eyes will feast upon a gorgeous young devil with a killer smile and an even deadlier body. A creature made for pleasure, just what I asked the mystic planes to deliver. All of the ancient texts I’ve studied claim that the shape of the one I summon will take the form of what I desire most. And what I desire would make the dirtiest of succubi blush. Evocation is a complicated magic. Many of my colleagues that dabble in the mystic arts wouldn’t dare try what I’m pulling off right now for fear of tearing a hole between dimensions. But I am confident in my abilities. I feel the shadows dance around me more vigorously and my heart skips a beat. I know he’s close…taking shape as he materializes in this plane of existence…I can hardly contain my excitement.

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