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Bend Over, Baby

Keeping the romance alive is important, and setting weekly kink goals and trying out new things together can be a great way to keep things hot and heavy! In this spicy audio porn episode, two lovers embark on a new adventure together: pegging, with some light orgasm control. What a wild ride!

Alright. I think everything is ready. Should I light candles? No, no, probably not. That’s too much. I’ve laid out everything I’ll need for tonight across our bed, just to make sure it’s all there. There’s the dildo, the lube, the strap-on harness…oh, and the anal beads, just in case the dildo is too much. Yep, that’s everything. All that’s missing is him. My husband should be home from work soon. It’s barely been a year since we got married, but I already feel like it’s been a lifetime. He makes coming home after a hard day’s work so much easier. Unfortunately our work has been exhausting for both of us lately. All either of us wants to do at the end of the day is to order takeout and watch our shows. It’s something our friends always joked would happen once we got married. That sex would take a backsteat to life...and unfortunately, that has happened a little bit. We’re both aware of the problem and have actively been trying to be more affectionate with each other. And luckily, I think we’ve found a solution. Every Friday night, no matter how tired we are, no matter how long or hard of a day we had at work, we have a date night. It’s not just sex, and it’s not just intimacy...we’ve decided to keep trying new things together each week. And it’s been absolutely incredible...Tonight, it’s his turn to choose what we’ll get up to - and I was very pleasantly surprised to hear him suggest pegging for this week.

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