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Steamy Hot Tub

In this audio sex story you have , your give your new neighbor an erotic massage in the whirlpool. The story unfolds and leads to steamy sex in the hot tub. For the best experience, please use headphones.

I have to admit that I’m really excited to see you. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because you are absolutely stunning. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous, really. Maybe it’s because you seemed so intrigued by me when we met for the first time in the apartment stairwell just a few hours ago. You were in the midst of moving into the apartment below mine. We bumped into one another on accident resulting in a few dropped boxes. As we both bent down to pick them up, I was able to admire your breasts, round and full, perfect for kneading in my hands. I introduced myself as your upstairs neighbour when you said hello to me and asked if I lived in the building. You gratefully accepted my offer to help you with your things and led me into your half-empty unit. Our eyes met when you told me where I could put down the box and for a moment neither of us said anything. We simply smiled and took a moment to admire one another. I mention that I had noticed you had a hot tub. I had seen the moving company hoist it up the staircase. And I sure enough didn’t envy them. That was when you told me I was welcome to try it out tonight during your small housewarming gathering. Your lips curled into a small knowing smile and your eyes travelled slowly from my head down to my feet. I think you must have liked what you saw. Our eyes locked together one more time and I promised you I would be there. And now, here I am, standing outside of your apartment waiting for you to answer the door. I’ve got a mix of desire and adrenaline coursing through me, but I’m good at hiding such things. Even as I feel my cock twitch slightly when I think about sharing the hot tub with you, I’m calm and collected. And there you are. Somehow even more attractive than the first time I saw you. You’ve showered and dressed and you are the epitome of pure, hot sex. I spare a single glance at the wide swell of your hips curving down towards your full and lovely ass. You usher me inside and I suddenly realize that we’re completely alone in your apartment. There is no housewarming gathering. It’s just you. And me…

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