The Lecturer I Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Teacher and Student Fantasy
Erotic Story

The Lecturer I

This erotic audio story explores a lesbian teacher and student sex fantasy - a scenario that would be unethical in real life but which is fun to explore in fantasy.This is part 1 of a sexy story between a lecturer and her student. You have an appointment to discuss your most recent essay with your lecturer. You’ve never felt this way about one of your professors before. During class, you can’t help looking her up and down like a piece of meat to be admired. And she seems to do the same to you. You knock on her office door and enter …

My office is at the end of a long, narrow hall. I’m a new faculty member, so I was assigned the smallest, mustiest office in the back of the building. It’s stacked sky high with books, misplaced papers, and a too-small oak desk. I like the privacy of being tucked away in the very back. No one can hear me when I’m back here. And I can’t hear anyone else. Your footsteps reverberate through the hall as you approach my office door. We have an appointment to discuss your most recent essay. And for some reason I’ve been nervous about this meeting since you set it up with me last week. It’s probably because I catch you looking at me during class all the time. Your eyes stand out in the sea of students, piercing mine, looking me up and down like I’m nothing more than a piece of meat to be admired. And I do the same to you. When I think about you my heart starts to beat so quickly. My palms get a little sweaty, and I... I’ve never felt this way about a student before. You stand in the doorway of my office and your smile sends a cold chill straight down my spine, followed by a warm rush of heat to my abdomen. My eyes trail up and down your body slowly, taking in the sight of you. I love the shape of your legs, your hips. Your breasts are so perfectly shaped. You are exactly my type of woman. Come in, I tell you, my voice wavering a little. You seem confident, like you know just how flustered you make me. And you enjoy doing it. As you sit down in the squeaky leather office chair across from my desk, your cross your legs and in the process give me a full view of your black lace panties beneath your skirt. Did you mean to do that? So, you ask as you look into my eyes, what did you think of my work? I try and focus on the task at hand, but your thighs are distracting. I thought you did really well, I say. But there’s always room for improvement.

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