The Lecturer II Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Teacher and student Fantasy
Erotic Story

The Lecturer II

This audio sex story explores a queer teacher and student sex fantasy - a scenario that would be unethical in real life but which is fun to explore in fantasy. This is part 2 of a sexy story between a lecturer and her student. For the best experience, please use headphones. After your first lesbian encounter with your lecturer, you want to return the favor. You still remember in vivid detail what happened the last time you were alone together. That’s why you brought a special surprise to class for her …

Remember, I tell my class, exam on Thursday. My students let out a collective groan as they gather their things and wander out of the lecture hall. Footsteps echo throughout the massive hall. People chat excitedly. The air conditioning is on full blast and I shudder beneath its cold wave. My eyes scan the throng of people, looking for someone in particular. Looking for you. When I find your gaze staring back at me from the dead center of the lecture hall, you’re still seated in your chair. You’re wearing that low-cut top I love so much. Your skirt is extra short. And are those... high heels? Wow, you’ve dressed up for me today. We’re alone now. Just like last week. Isolated in this cave-like lecture hall fit to seat at least a hundred people. I stare out into the row of chairs, smiling out of the side of my mouth up at you. Is there something I can help you with? I need some assistance, you say, lifting your finger and beckoning me forward. I climb up the first three rows, my whole body thrumming with aniticipation. I can’t help but remember in vivid detail what happened the last time we were alone together. Your pussy dripping wet... My tongue sliding across your clit...

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