I may be your Boss Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Affair Fantasy
Erotic Story

I may be your Boss

In this audio porn story, you have an affair with your co-worker and secretly meet him in a hotel room. You might be his boss in the boardroom but today you are equals, lusting for one another. Indulge in this audio porn with erotic ASMR sound effects about a sex at work story.

I am sitting on the bed, when I hear the keycard in the slot on the hotel room door. I glance around the room, making sure everything is ready.It’s just an average room, not luxurious but sparse with furnishings and somewhat impersonal. It has the one thing we need, however - a king-size bed. I have the sheets and blankets pulled back already. There is nothing in the way to impede us.I am trembling, my skin ready for his touch, already anticipating it. In just seconds he will be here with me. He will be touching me, kissing me. I am not shy for once, not hiding my skin away in an oversized robe. I am gloriously naked, leaning back on my elbows, my head tilts back to expose the long lines of my neck. I try to quell my urge to jump up and open the door myself. I want to be perfect for him. I want to seduce him. I want this to be a night we both recall for many, many years.I hear the door open and hear his footsteps on the hard wood flooring. I take a deep breath*Deep breath*I try not to look at him. I just keep my head tilted back with my eyes closed, my pose perfect. I hear him pause and hear his intake of breath.I can feel his eyes upon me, feasting on my body, my curves. They almost burn a path down my body. I move gracefully, unfolding my legs and sit up to swing them over the side of the bed. I stand and see him for the first time. We had exchanged many many photos over the months we had been texting, but I was unprepared for his height.He towers over me as I walk towards him. I may be his boss, I may tell him what to do during team meetings, but we are not in the office now. No one knows how we flirt once the meetings are over. No one knows the provocative photos and videos we send back and forth. No one knows how much we lust for one another. I prefer him here, in this room with me, not on a Zoom call.He reaches an arm out for me and I slip into his embrace. His hand molds itself to my breast. He hasn't been in the room for a full minute and we are already kissing passionately. My hands seek his body under his jacket and I skim him out of it. It hits the floor with a dull thud He has too many clothes on. The fabric of his shirt has slipped up a bit and there is a tiny strip of naked skin on his back. I place my hand there, wanting it to be my lips. I pull my head away from him for a moment to look into his eyes. The warm brown in them is both smiling and smoldering. He has both hands on my breasts now, squeezing them and shaping them to his hands.

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