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The Getaway

When things like work and the kids are constantly interrupting any alone time you and your partner may have, having a weekend to yourselves on a private beach somewhere sounds like a dream come true. Escape into your lover’s arms in this playful, romantic audio sex story.

Oh, man. It’s so nice here. The smell of saltwater…the sound of the waves. Everything feels totally…peaceful. You managed to snag this remote little cottage for us as a surprise for our anniversary. It’s been on my “must-visit” list for ages. The cottage is always in really high demand thanks to the gorgeous ocean views and the surrounding rocky mountainsides. But somehow, you pulled it off. I guess that makes sense. We’re both so busy with work and the kids. You’re at the news station all hours of the night and I’m at the lab at least eight hours a day. Sometimes more. I hate the days that we only get to see each other alone for a few minutes after the kids go to bed. By then, we’re both exhausted and ready to turn in for the night ourselves. I smile over at you and take a moment just to look. To appreciate you. Your beautiful messy hair, your gorgeous eyes, the way you make me’re my stunning, amazing wife - and I love you so very much. I’m grateful that we’ve got these four blissful days to ourselves. If I’m being honest, it’s been a bit hard to keep the romance going with how busy we both are. I know it happens in all long-term relationships, but… I’m just sorry I let it get this to this point. I know that I’ve taken you for granted - not on’s gets in the way. I push a fallen strand of hair out of your face. You grin and glance back over at the sea. You seem far more relaxed since we arrived yesterday. It’s been so nice to see you without your phone in hand or glued to your laptop. Sometimes we have a hard time making time for intimacy thanks to all of our other responsibilities. I’m hoping this time alone will change that.

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