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Mile High Club

Are you ready for take-off? Join the mile high club this week with this spontaneous stranger hookup. In this LGBTQ+ audio sex story, the flight attendant hooks up with a passenger to give each of them an evening they will never forget.

Another day, another flight, another city disappearing below the clouds as the plane takes off. As a flight attendant, the hurry and haste of flying around the world is something I’m used to. Just enough time to take in the air of a new place before service beckons.I’m serving first class again tonight. It can feel rather automatic at times: prepare the trolley, Cater to the passengers’ each and every whim, make them feel important...rinse and repeat. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hope for a surprise every now and then, but they’re hard to come by in my repetitive line of work. I load my service cart with snacks and beverages. Then, I double check that my appearance is presentable in the small mirror hanging in the service area. I rearrange a couple of stray hairs and put on another layer of lip balm. One by one, I address the first class passengers, letting each of them know about our offerings and services. Each flight is an array of new faces, although they sometimes start to all look the same. I roll my cart up to the next row of seats and I notice you before you notice me. Wow. Is it really you? Of all the people I could be serving on this flight. What a pleasant surprise. I wonder if you will remember me. I certainly remember you…how could I forget?

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