Stranger in the Streets Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Travel Hookups Fantasy
Erotic Story

Stranger in the Streets

This audio sex story explores a Sexy encounter with an Italian waiter in the streets of Rome – dive into this sex with a stranger fantasy! Listen to this story with amazin erotic ASMR effects. For the best experience, please use headphones.

You’re on short a weekend vacation, an evening strolling along the streets of Rome. The neon lights create shadows in the cobbled streets. This vacation is actually a result of your boyfriend leaving you. You want to collect your broken pieces and glue them back together. You want to move on. You discover a beautiful little street restaurant, nested among the tall city streets and markets. A waiter guides me to a table outside. He is incredibly handsome, with warm brown eyes, a strong jawline, and sensuous lips.

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