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Time Traveler

Join us in our first sci-fi fantasy sex story this week with this myserious time traveler and his secret mission. While on assignment, he meets you and decides to make his time in the 21st century count. Naked, alone in a spa pool and nothing to lose, you spend one unforgettable night with a man you will never see again.

I hear the portal close behind me and squeeze my eyes shut. It always takes a few moments for my stomach to settle and for my head to stop spinning. I move my fingers slightly against the floor, getting the first feel for my location. Carpet. Good quality, too. I open my eyes and allow them to focus on the plush grey fibres between my fingers. Where am I? I lift my head and look around me. There’s something familiar about it. I’m sure I’ve been here before. I slowly pick myself up off the floor. The effects of transport have worn off and I feel steady on my feet now. Right, okay then. Rule number one… establish your surroundings as quickly as possible upon arrival. I walk the width of the room to the window and pull the curtain back. The lights of Shinjuku are laid out before me. The Park Hyatt Tokyo. Of course, I have been here before. It was a long time ago...or, rather, it hasn’t happened yet. I walk towards the bed and catch sight of myself in the large mirror hanging above the dressing table. The years haven’t been unkind. A little rough around the edges, perhaps, but still passably handsome. I shake my head. Focus, I need to focus. Rule number two: figure out what year it is. I glance around the room. There’s a familiar white envelope resting on the table and a newspaper beneath it. My employer is nothing if not consistent and a bit predictable. I push the envelope to one side for the moment, picking up the newspaper to check the date. Oh, good, it’s in English. My Japanese is a bit rusty. Ah, so… it’s 2021. I look myself up and down in the mirror. My clothing is a little ahead of the times, but hey, this is Tokyo. Anything goes.

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