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Erotic Story

Repair Man

A sexy, young repair man and an older, experienced woman have a spontaneous connection of passion and chemistry early one morning - and it looks like he has his work cut out for him.

Nice neighborhood. I think I re-shingled a roof on this street last year. I look down at my clipboard and scan over the job details. Looks like you’ve got some loose roof tiles after the storm last week. The door swings open and…there you are. Wearing a silk robe. Your hair pulled back. Damn, you look good early in the tilt your head to the side and pretty blatantly look me up and down. Your mouth is pulled into a slight smile. You’re an older woman, at least fifteen, maybe even twenty years older than me. But there’s something about you…you’re...not like any older woman I’ve ever met. Ahh, I should concentrate on my work, I get distracted too easily. Last thing I need is some complaint about inappropriate behavior on the job...

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