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Dirty Talk

Pillow Talk with Joel

Forget coffee - orgasms are the best way to wake up. In thisaudio porn fantasy, a naughty little 5am game ensues between you and your lover after you both wake up horny and desperate to please each other. Instead of getting down to business as usual, your dominant lover asks if you'd like to join him in a mutual masturbation fantasy.

Another early morning...I think the stress of the new client project I’m heading up is really taking it out of me. But at least I had a good sleep. I’ve been having these intense dreams ever since we celebrated our first anniversary last week. There’s just something about the excitement of spending a year together that has me feeling particularly horny lately. Last night’s dream was… incredible. To be honest, it’s been a fantasy of mine for quite some time. We usually have really great sex - and a few weeks ago, I started to try out a more dominant role in the bedroom. Much to my surprise, you found comfort in submitting to me, and are feeling excited about all the other things we can explore. As I watch you stir softly next to me, I graze your arm with my fingertips...I wonder how you would feel about this particular fantasy. You show me that beautiful, incredible smile as you blink your eyes at me, and all the nerves I had about explaining my dream begin to fade. I pull you into my arms, spooning you and letting my hardness press against your backside. You giggle and squirm, grinding your ass into my lap as you get comfortable. “Baby? Have you ever had a sex dream about me?” You look up at me and your teeth drag across your bottom lip. I think you like where this is going. “Ever since we celebrated our anniversary last week and started experimenting in bed, I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about this one particular fantasy....”

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