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Erotic Story

Taken By Surprise

Some fantasies are so much better when they are turned into reality. In this audio porn story, you can experience the thrill of a public sex set up with an added twist - giving your panties to a complete stranger in public! Embrace your daredevil side with this kinky roleplay story.

This story is a fantasy idea that was submitted to us by the winner of a contest held on our Instagram in collaboration with Kinky Karrot, who also created the beautiful artwork for this episode!

DISCLAIMER: This episode contains content that may not be suitable for all listeners. Please listen at your own discretion. While the events of this episode take place within a BDSM fantasy, we at Audiodesires do not condone unwanted sexual advances between strangers. Well… isn’t this place adorable? I’ve walked past this café tons of times on my way to work. I always tell myself I’ll go inside and have a coffee…but I guess most days I’m rushing just to get to the office on time. Finally, I’ve got time for myself to do as I please. I take my place in line and can’t help but bite my bottom lip. Everything looks so delicious in the display case in front of me...but that’s not the only reason I’m feeling excited. I glance at my watch and a naughty smile curls on my lips...it’s almost time. It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon. And I’ve decided to take the rest of the day off work. Everything smells so good...the rich aroma of roasted coffee beans…the sweet and savory smell of freshly baked goods…I take a peek at the window ahead once more. This time actually focusing on the deserts scattered in the window. Oh, god, those brownies look absolutely delicious. The young couple ahead of me finishes their order and I step up to the counter. I decide on a chai latte and a slice of that delicious looking cake. Today is about indulgence.

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