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Moving In

In this audio porn story, a new, handsome neighbor is moving in. It’s your typical suburban neighborhood. Rural feel. Tidy, maintained houses. You lie in your front yard, wearing a bikini and sunglasses as you approach him, striking up a conversation. He beckons you inside, carrying heavy boxes. You can’t contain your desire for this sexy stranger any longer.

I bend over to pick up one of the many boxes. The smell of the truck’s engine filling the air. Smiling, I look at my new surroundings. My new home. It’s your typical suburban neighbour. Rural feel. Tidy, maintained houses. And far too many restaurants. All the public schools hold high ratings. And the park is a short walk away. It’s idyllic. But somewhat boring. Still, it’s what I need from life right now. Then I spot you. I’m transfixed. My eyes take in every curve. Every line. You’re far from boring! I straighten up and stretch to wipe the sweat from my brow. But I’m unable to ignore you. I look over at you again. You’re draped on your lounge chair. Your skimpy bikini barely covering you. I can see you’re looking this way. But your eyes are hidden behind dark lenses. Slowly. Almost teasingly. You remove your sunglasses. That’s when I see your beautiful eyes for the first time. Mischievous and shining with curiosity. Focused on my body. You’re taking in all of me as you look. Enjoying the game, I tease you back. I lift my shirt to wipe at my forehead. Exposing more of my abs. You instinctively bite your lower lip as you watch. I doubt you realise you’re doing it. Just a momentary flash of desire. Still, I smile as I turn away and return to my task at hand. There’s a mountain of boxes to move before tonight. But I’m more confident than ever in my decision to move. It brought me next door to you. Talk about getting a good deal…! As I lift one of the boxes you catch my eye once more. Your body unfolding and climbing off the lounger. Boldly, you stand and assess me. Your eyes roaming over me. I almost blush. To distract myself from your gaze, I move the box into my new home. When I come back outside you’re in my yard. You’re waiting for me. My hand takes yours as you introduce yourself. I struggle not to stare at your body. At your curves in that bikini. I can scarcely concentrate on anything else. Even the rudimentary questions you ask are muffled in my ears.

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