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Erotic Story

The Mechanic

Car trouble turns into a spontaneous erotic encounter in this audio sex story when you experience car trouble and pull into an auto repair shop after hours hoping someone is around to help. The sexy, dirty mechanic fixes your car and you can't help but admire the way he looks in his work clothes. In the office afterwards, you think of some pretty creative ways to repay him for his kindness.

The day from hell is finally over. Thank god. No more oil changes…no more tire pressure checks. Just me and this ice-cold beer. It’s quiet out in the garage…no clanging metal, shouting voices, or whirring tools. I’ve got a pile of paperwork and receipts to deal with, but with the crappy weather and the lack of customers, I might just leave that for tomorrow. I squint out of the window to see a car pulling up in the lot. Guess I got a little more work to do before heading home for the day. Stepping out of the office and into the workshop, I peer out into the lot. Through the rain I see a 1969 Shelby convertible idling in the driveway. The top is down and rain’s coming in through the open roof. I pull my collar up around my neck and jog out to the car. I’m getting ready to tell the driver that we’re closed...but then, I see you behind the wheel. You look up at me from the driver’s side door, pushing strands of wet hair away from your beautiful face. The white blouse you’re wearing has gone see through. And I have to make a conscious effort not to stare at the red lace bra making itself visible through the wet fabric. I take a quick look at the inside of your car. God, what a mess. That beautiful leather interior is soaked. Rain’s getting all in the footwells and your handbag is sitting in a puddle on the passenger seat. I can’t help but admire your short and curvy figure as you step out of the car. I was having the worst day, and absolutely dreading the late customer when I saw you pull in...but you...I’d be happy to help you with anything you need.

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