Late-Night Jogging

It is dark out and late evening as you sit on your unlit porch. Your feet up on a table, as you sit in a wicker chair. A wine glass in your hands. The rain is warm. Suddenly a very handsome jogger turns into your street. His shirt is soaked, plastered against his chest and abs. You watch him approach you as your fantasy starts wondering …. In this erotic audio porn story, you explore a sexy jogger scenario. I am jogging through the streets It is dark out and late evening My shirt is soaked Plastered against my chest and abs The rain is warm It's a humid, summer evening And I’m running through the suburbs The wet feels good against my skin There are lights on in the windows Of the houses as I run I am preparing everyday And without fail For a 50K marathon I like running in the night When no one is around I like running in the night To feel that overwhelming sense Of freedom and release I hit my stride and turn a corner Onto a leafy cul de sac And I am about to make my way around When suddenly my breathing changes Becomes heavy and I stop My hands are on my knees I’m hunched over My chest is heaving I’m dehydrated Sweat sliding off my face When I hear a voice A stranger’s voice Coming from across the street Your voice is sweet and sing song Husky in the dark I clear my eyes and look around To see you sit on an unlit porch Your feet up on a table As you sit in a wicker chair A wine glass in your hands You call out once again And ask if everything’s alright If I need a drink of water Under normal circumstances I’d decline such a kind gesture Run onwards unimpeded But tonight I am parched I can barely speak or breathe

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