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Erotic Story

Hunted by the Slayer

You've been running for weeks from the deadly hunter who has been tracking you - just when you think you've lost him, he catches up. Things take an unexpected turn when he passionately takes you as his own in the middle of the forest. Was it your glamour, or is there something more between you?

It’s almost noon. The sun is blazing high in the sky, but I’m shaded by the towering trees above me. The forest is dense and thick; the perfect hiding place. Normally, I wouldn’t worry too much about being hunted by a human. I’m faster than most of them, and they’re quite susceptible to Fae glamour. An insignificant amount of my magic could have a slayer falling over themselves to be near me, it could instantly erase from their minds any intentions they once had of killing me. And fill their heads with lustful desire, instead. Then, it would only be a matter of getting them close enough to drive my dagger in. There’s something different about this slayer, though. This one who has relentlessly hunted me for the last six weeks... I’ve come across him a few times now, and each time I’ve been nearly bested. He’s resistant to my magic. I’ve summoned the elements against him. I’ve cast illusions to confuse him...I’ve even shapeshifted to disguise myself and he was still able to follow my trail.

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