High School Reunion Erotic Audio Story Audiodesires - Lesbian Fantasy
Erotic Story

High School Reunion

This erotic audio story, is based on an true user story about a sexy adventure she had at her high school reunion party. Back then she didn’t realize what her attraction meant. Now, thrown together once again as adults. All those emotions are still bubbling below the surface. This episode tells a sexy lesbian adventure of two school friends. We recommend using headphones, when possible.

Afterdark party. Rammed full and crowded. Everyone packed in to celebrate. A heady mix of alcohol and perfume fills the air. It’s your scent that I smell, though. The delicate floral musk wafts around the room. It tempts me. Calls to me. Just like when we were in highschool, only then I hadn’t realised what my attraction to you meant. It’s hard to believe that we used to be school friends. Young and naive. Nervous to act. Now thrown together once again as Adults. All those emotions are still bubbling below the surface. I can still picture you standing there, your skirt barely covering your ass. The way you’d look over at me and grin. There was a need in your eyes, a need I see now as I watch you… across the room. You’re not wearing a uniform anymore. The school girl looks gone. But what you wear now is even more enticing. It clings to every curve, drawing me in. Every wiggle of your ass. Every sway of your hips. You intoxicate me more than before… and you know it. As I move towards you, a smile flickers across your face. Is this what you’ve always wanted? You know I’m coming for you. To finally say everything I didn’t say before. The room is heaving. Faces I recognise and those I don’t smile and nod as I pass them by. But then I’m in front of you. Our eyes meet. Tension enough to suffocate. My heart hammering in my chest… as I take in how stunning you look. I can see the way you grin at me. Opening my mouth to talk, you shake your head and point to your ears. It’s noisier here than before. I lean towards you, my mouth inches from your earlobe. Your perfume fills my nostrils. The way your breath hitches as I come close is the sexiest sound. I almost don’t want to speak and break the spell. “Long time no see.” “You look wonderful,” My breath tickles your skin. Those kissable lips of yours curl at the edges as you turn to look at me. This is the closest we’ve been in years. The distance between us is so small, I can almost taste your lips on mine. You part them. Slowly Teasing me. Opening your mouth, you go to respond. But before you can, I press a finger to your lips.

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